Income and Capital Bond Variable investment – use the interactive chart below to view returns


  • Duration two to five years
  • 4.00% per annum
  • Tracks changes to Base Rate
  • Secured on UK property


  • Duration five years
  • 1.50% pa and 33% repayment bonus
  • 7.29% APR
  • Secured on UK property
(minimum £5,000)
£ Cumulative returns on your investment over five years:

Regular interest paid every six months Investments secured on UK property

Real Estate Investments

Real Estate Associates (GP) plc has been active on the property scene since 2003. REAL Income Bonds and REAL Capital Bonds provide regular interest paid every six months from investments secured on UK property.

Choose either Income Bonds with the option to withdraw without penalty after two years (bearing a higher annual interest rate which tracks changes in Bank of England base rate between 0.5% and 5.0% per annum); or five-year Capital Bonds (with lower fixed annual interest and a 33.33% deferred interest payment payable after five years, producing a higher average annual return).

You may select any combination of Income and Capital Bonds to suit your investment requirements, in multiples of £100 with a £5,000 minimum investment. Full details can be downloaded from this website or a printed copy requested by post. Apply and pay online, or complete the paper forms and apply by post.

Income Bonds

Up to five years

Withdrawal Option     
You may give notice to have some or all Income Bonds repaid from the second anniversary.

4.00% per annum. Bond interest tracks changes in Bank of England base rate between 0.5% and 5.0% per annum, plus 3.50%. Interest is payable twice-yearly on 1st April and 1st October.

4.04% average annual percentage rate

Income Bonds: Average annual % rate

Capital Bonds

Five years

1.50% per annum payable twice-yearly on 1st April and 1st October.

Repayment Bonus     
An additional interest amount is payable on the fifth anniversary equivalent to one-third of the sum invested.

7.29% average annual percentage rate

Capital Bonds: Average annual % rate
Real Bond Key Facts

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